PVC Plasticizer

PVC Plasticizer
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Product Details

DOTP is a high performance primary PVC plasticizer with excellent properties.It has good electrothermal properties.Its volume resistivity is ten-twenty times of DOP’s. Also with good plasticating effect and low volatility on cable materials makes it be widely used on the heat-resisting, high insulation product.It has better mechanical property,electrical and heat resistance,low-temperature volatility,lower glass transition temperature,which endow products with excellent durability,soap water resistance and low-temperature flexibility.

It can be used as main plasticizer in all kinds of PVC products.Due to its good electrical and thermal properties, it is suitable for the production of PVC plastic wire and cable sheath and artificial leather film.With excellent intermiscibility,DOTP also can be used in acrylonitrile derivatives,polvinyl butyral,chemigum nitrocellulose to improve product morphotropy.Also it is an ideal plasticizer for producing 70 ℃ cable material  and other volatility-resist PVC products. It also could be used in paint,coating,lubricating oil or lubricating oil additive for precise

instruments,nitrocellulose varnish agent,paper softener,polyesteramide film ect.

Standard   Item


Color  Shade, (Pt- Co ) max


Density  ( 20deg.c) g /cm3


Acid Value , m g KOH/g max


Ester Content (1) % min


Flashing Point, deg.c min


Loss on Heat,  % max


Volume resistivity   ohm. c m min