Di-2-ethylhexyl Terephthalate

Di-2-ethylhexyl Terephthalate
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di-2-ethylhexyl terephthalate



Appearance: transparent sticky oily liquid

HS code: 2917369000                              

Molecular formula: C24H38O4          Molecular weight: 390.55

Standard: accordant to Q/JAHGB2010-016

Standard Iteam

Grade one

Color Shade, (Pt- Co ) max


Density ( 20°C) g /cm3


Acidity, mg KOH/g max


Flashing Point °C min


Ester content, % min


Moisture Content % Max


1. DOTP has good resistance to electricity and heat. It can replace DOP in PVC electric wire sheath and can also be used in the production of artificial leather film. In addition, it has excellent compatibility and can also be used in the plasticization of acrylonitrile derivatives, polyvinyl butyral, nitrile rubber, nitrocellulose, etc. It can be used as softener in NBR, Cr, EPDM and other products. It is widely used in all kinds of products requiring heat resistance and high insulation. It is an ideal plasticizer for producing cable materials with temperature resistance of 70 ℃ and other PVC products requiring volatile resistance.

2. DOTP is used for PVC products in cars, which can solve the problem of glass window fogging. DOTP is also used as high-quality lubricant or lubricant additive for high-grade furniture and interior decoration paints, coatings and precision instruments, nitro varnish additives, paper softener, polyester amide biaxially stretched film, film plastic crafts, plasma storage bags, etc.

3. Because the linear molecular structure of DOTP is similar to that of dos and DOA, it has better cold resistance.

4. The volume resistivity of DOTP is 10-20 times higher than that of DOP.

5. Because DOTP does not contain phthalate, it is not in the range of 16 phthalate containing plasticizers restricted by EU and other countries, so it is an excellent environmental plasticizer

Package:200kgs net,in steel drum or HDPE drum

Storage: over 1 years normally

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