Di-isononyl Ester Environmental Friendly Plasticizer

Di-isononyl Ester Environmental Friendly Plasticizer
Product Details

di-isononyl ester Environmental friendly benzene free plasticizer


1. Chemical Name: 1,2-Cyclohexane dicarboxylic acid, di-isononyl ester

2. CAS No.: 166412-78-8

3. Molecular Weight: 424.7

4. Formula: C26H48O4

5. Molecular Structure:


6. Product Description:

JDCH999 is a transparent colorless odorless benzene-free plasticizer. Di-isononyl Ester Environmental Friendly Plasticizer has good compatibility and machinability, low volatility and low migration.  JDCH999 can pass the test of 16P, ROHS and SVHC according to REACH regulation.  With good compatibility with PVC, JDCH999 can used as primary plasticizer in all kinds of PVC products.  It can also applied in the fields of ABS, SAN, PC, etc.


7. Product Specifications:


* not regularly tested index


Di-isononyl Ester Environmental Friendly Plasticizer can be applied in all kinds of high-class PVC products, like calendering, extrusion, rigid, and half-rigid products. It is recommended for use in children toys, food packaging film, plastic wrap, medical tubes, food-contacted gloves, wall paper, decorative sheet, and medical blood bag, etc.

Di-isononyl Ester Environmental Friendly Plasticizer  is suitable for use with PVC and other polar polymers. It is compatible with all of the monomeric plasticizers commonly used in PVC. In most cases, only minor formulation and processing parameter adjustments are required to process flexible PVC compounds. 

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