The Epoxy fatty acids methy ester

The Epoxy fatty acids methy ester
Product Details

Eco-Friendly Phthalate J101

Product introduction  :

J101 is kind of Epoxy fatty acids methy ester, which is proved to have the most minimum influence on the environment during production. It doesn’t contain “DEHP、DIDP、DNOP、DINP、BBP、DBP(6P), reported by SGS. It has passed EU 2005/84/EC and is a good choice for European countries to import. It could be used as a main plasticizer due to its great miscibility with PVC Products. J101 is good in heat stability, mechanical properties, processability and can replace DOP/DBP as well.


J101 is a new plasticizer specially used in toys and medicial PVC products, PVC sheet, cables and wires, pipes, aritificial leather, footwear, tube etc.

Why Choose us?

Company was founded in 2003, specializing in research, producing and sales of environment friendly plasticizers.

Our company manufactures a wide range of non-toxic, environment-friendly plasticizers, the main plasticizers are registered in EU's REACH, testified by SGS, products reach the international Non-toxic and environmental protection Standard .

Company focuses on self innovation, company's plasticizer research center is granted the title Research Center of High and New Technology Enterprise in Zhejang Province. We have obtained 7 invention patents and 3 practical application patents. Our company completed the ISO14001 Quality Management System Certification and ISO9001 Environmental Management System Certification. 

Storage: over 1 years normally

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