Eco-friendly Pvc Plasticizer Epoxidized Soybean Oil-pvc polyvinyl chloride

Eco-friendly Pvc Plasticizer Epoxidized Soybean Oil-pvc polyvinyl chloride
Product Details

Eco-friendly Pvc Plasticizer Epoxidized Soybean Oil

Product details

     Zhejiangjiaao Enprotech Stock Co.,Ltd is one of first class manufacturer who produce plasticier and stabilzier,also a public company,was founded in 2003,specializing in research,producing and sales of environment friendly plasticizer and stabilizer.

Epoxidized soybean oil is the PVC plasticizer and stabilizer. Heat, light, stability, good water resistance and good oil resistance, make plastic products have a good mechanical strength, weather resistance and good electrical properties, and polyester plasticizer and use can reduce the mobility of polyester.

      This product is more toxic products used in PVC, transparent products, aggregates, transparent bottle, food, drug packaging materials, PVC medical products, blood transfusion bags, paste-like paper, waterproofing membrane, plastic film, etc.. Can guarantee products non-toxic, transparent, light and heat stability, good, product life extension.

Standard: accordant to Q/JAHG002

Standard Item

Normal Grade

Color Shade, (Pt- Co ) max


Density ( 20°C) g /cm3


Acidity, mg KOH/g max


Flashing Point °C min


Moisture % max


Iodine Value % max


Epoxy Value % min ASTMD1652-04



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