EFAME Plasticizer

EFAME Plasticizer
Product Details

J108 is a transparent oily liquid with freezing point of -5℃, boiling point of 180℃ (0.15Kpa), ignition point of 190℃, viscosity of 50 mPa.S (25℃), refractive index of 1.775(25℃).Soluble in most organic solvents.


1. Plasticizer - EFAME-J108 Introduction

EFAME-J108 doesn’t contain DEHP,DIDP,DNOP,DIDP,DBP(6P),also without all phthalate and PAHs,testified by SGS.

It is based from natural plant oil,firstly exchanging carbon chains of glyceride of linseed oil derivatives to new carbon chains with better performance highly-selective by using high-efficient enzyme,and then purifying molecular structure and separating product precisely. This product is better compatible with PVC resin than DOP and has high level of plasticizing efficiency. Normally,it can be used to partly replace DOP or DBP by 20%-30%.


2. Plasticizer - EFAME-J108 Application field


This product meets REACH standard and passes the tests of ROHS and 16P by SGS.

EFAME-J108 can be used in medical PVC products and PVC toys,wire and cable compounds, gas tube, rubber bar, PVC shoe forming material,printing film,heat shrink tube,artificial leather,sheets,compounding and etc.


3. Technical Specifications





  Light yellow Transparent oily liquid

Epoxy Value, % min(ASTMD 1652-04)≥


Color Shade, Pt-Co, # ≤


Acid Value mg KOH/g ≤


Iodine Value(%)≤


Flash Point  (Open Cup)℃ ≥


Density 20℃, g/cm3


Moisture, % ≤



Package: 190kg/Iron Drum,900KG/IBCTANK,21mt/Flexitank

Storage: over 1 years normally


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