ESO For Plasticizer

ESO For Plasticizer
Product Details

ESO for plasticizer

————(Epoxy Soybean Oil)————

ESO is finely produced from high quality natural raw materials and has passed the toxicity tests of Disease Control Center, Shanghai Food and Drug Administration and SGS.





Light yellow oily liquid

Epoxy Value, % min(ASTMD 1652-04)≥


Color Shade, Pt-Co, # ≤


Acid Value mg KOH/g ≤


Iodine Value(%)≤


Flash Point  (Open Cup)℃ ≥


Density 20℃, g/cm3


Moisture, % ≤


Product usage:

ESO is soluble in hydrocarbon compounds, ketones, esters, higher grade alcohols and other organic solvents, slightly soluble in ethanol as well.

ESO is the most widely used PVC nontoxic plasticizer and stabilizer. It is particularly consistent with PVC and has low volatility and mobility. Its high thermal stability, light stability and good resistance to water and oil endow the products with better mechanical strength, weather resisting property and electrical property. Its non-toxicity makes it the internationally acknowledged chemical aid for foodstuff wrapper.ESO can be applied to all PVC products, such as, foodstuff wrapper, medical ware, pellicle, sheet material, tubular goods, sealing plate of icebox, artificial leather, floor leather, wire and cable material, plastic wallpaper and other daily use plastic products. It can also be applied to making special printing ink, oil paint, coating material, synthetic rubber, and liquid compound stabilizer and so on.

Development Trend:

The trend of the ESO will be more wildly used in PVC products, as it’s a eco-friendly plasticizer and it’s very suitable for many kinds of product. The current consumers are more sensitive to a non-toxic product, the ESO will be more attractive in PVC and other relevant filed.

As a resource-rich raw material with good solvent resistance, epoxy soybean oil is widely used in PVC plasticizing stabilizers, food packaging materials and other industries. Now with the development of the coating industry to save resources and reduce pollution, he is in the field of coatings With increasing applications, Because epoxy soybean oil has relatively low viscosity and good molecular chain flexibility, mixing it into some commonly used coatings as a modifier can effectively improve the performance of the original system and reduce costs. In addition, a series of coatings prepared after the conversion of epoxy soybean oil extracts can also show good usability, so the application of epoxy soybean oil is very good.

Why Choose us?

--We are a Chinese stock-listed company. After years of hard work, company now has formed the 3 main product species, i.e. Epoxy products, Fossil products and Multifunctional composite products.

Company was named "2011 Top 10 Plasticizer Enterprises in China" by China Plasticizer Industry Association. Presided the industry standards drafting of two environmental-friendly plasticizer "epoxy soybean oil" and "epoxy fatty acid methyl ester", which laid a foundation for the standardization development of environmental-friendly plasticizer industry.

The company has passed ISO14001 environmental management system certification and ISO9001 quality management system certification, and its trademark "JIAAO JIAAO" has been recognized as a famous trademark in Zhejiang Province.

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