About liquid calcium zinc stabilizer

Liquid calcium zinc stabilizer Appearance Main pale yellow, oily liquid. Differences in the stability of powder and liquid is unlikely, liquid calcium zinc stabilizer typically have greater solubility, and a good dispersibility in PVC resin powder, the impact on transparency is far less than the powder stabilizer. However, the risk of the presence of liquid stabilizer precipitated large. We need to select a suitable solvent.

Liquid stabilizers are generally used in total amount of plasticizer is greater than 10 ~ 20phr of PVC products.

Metal soaps and additives have greater solubility in a solvent; low volatility, high flash point, low viscosity, colorless or light-colored, odorless, non-toxic or low toxicity. Such as liquid paraffin, white oil, diesel oil, spindle oil, a mineral oil as a solvent. It is worth noting that some PAHs presence of a solvent, according to the "German food and commodities law (LMBG)" the relevant provisions of Article 30, PAH total maximum allowable limit is 10mg / kg (10PPM), BaP benzo (a ) pyrene maximum allowable limit is 1mg / kg (1PPM), some EU countries are ready to adopt this standard. Auxiliary stabilizer itself does not have the function of thermal stability, but it can improve the efficiency of stable, because there is no single component cadmium secondary, primary phosphite, epoxy compounds, and phenolic antioxidants, β- diketone and other auxiliary substances is It was particularly important.