Ba/Zn PVC Heat Stabilizer

Basic Info

Efficacy:Foam Layers of Rubber, Foaming of Shoe Soles
Classification:Chemical AdditivesType:Stabilizers
Trademark:Jing MaSpecification:RoHS
Origin:Zhaoqing, Guangdong, ChinaHS Code:3812309000

Model: BZ-8013

Type:  Barium Zinc Non-toxic Complex Stabilizer
Appearance: Powder
Color: White  
Technical indexes:
Loss on Heating : ≤1.5%
Initial Melting Point ≥110ºC

Application:  Foam layers of rubber, foaming of shoe soles.

Recommend dosage: 2~3 phr

Storage: Keep away from sunlight and moisture.
Packing: 20KG/Bag, packed in plastic weaved bag, lined with a PE bag.
Product characteristics:
A) Suitable for the products of rubber substrate foaming. 
B) Universal stabilizer and superior heat resistance of long-term dynamic. 
C) Uniform foaming layers, high foaming rate and good color stability. 
D) Good compatibility with PVC and plasticizer. 
E) Excellent synergistic reaction in working with epoxidized soybean oil.
Technical support:
1.     We can provide recommended formula and technical support to customers.
2.     Our main products include Ca/Zn Complex Stabilizer, Ba/Zn Complex Stabilizer, Lead Based One Pack Stabilizer. Visit our website for more information.