Ba/Zn Stabilizer JBZ-116

Basic Info

Trademark:JIAAO  Specification:SGS  

High concentrations of liquid barium zinc stabilizers

Product Feature
1. Excellent transparency, suitable for high transparent products production and processing.
2. Excellent thermal stability and Excellent eeather resistance, could meet the requirements of thermai stability when reducing the dosage of 20%
3. Meets all requirements regulated by FDA and under European Union Rohs Act Limits.

Product Application
SR-PVC, SPVC super transparent products, film, white products, wallpaper and low filing products

Product Specification
Apperance                                          Light yellow oily liquid
Specific Gravity (20ºC, g/cm3)                0.95-1.15
Viscosity (20ºC, mPa.s)                       80-120
Total metal content (%)                            10

Packaing: available in 200 kg plastic or plastic-coated-iron drum or 1000 kgs IBC totes.