Ca-Zn stabilizer multifunction product advantages

Ca-Zn stabilizer is a new multi-functional plastic stabilizer, learn the production process calcium zinc stabilizers, choose a variety of antioxidants, harmful ion chelating agents, additives and other materials processing coordinate system is made with non-toxic, odorless , high thermal stability and transparency and good. The stabilizer can solve compatibility of plastic products, anti-foaming, PVC powder wettability problems between the various raw materials, provide good stability in PVC products manufacturing process, but also enhance product tensile strength and low temperature flexibility.

Multifunctional type calcium zinc stabilizer precipitation and crystallization does not occur in a stored procedure, so that the storage stabilizer is very convenient. Stabilizers are products of choice when an auxiliary material, could be further enhanced products dimensional stability, surface smoothness and other properties. After years of research and development, manufacturers produce a variety of high-quality and efficient use of stabilizers, such as multi-functional stabilizer, calcium zinc stabilizers, light and heat stabilizers, multi-type calcium zinc stabilizers and the like.