Ca-Zn Compound Stabilizer JCZ-6201

Product Detail

Non-toxic calcium /zinc composite stabilizer is the new high-tech ecological products, which produced by the imported advanced equipment. It is in full compliance with RoHS of EU without banned chemical and heavy metals such as lead, barium, cadmium, mercury, etc. 
Its sanitary performance was fully meet requirements of the relevant provisions after detection by SGS. 

Product performance: 
The products are characterized with good thermo stability, dispersion, internal and external lubrication and excellent anti-seperation performance. The product has well initial staining, effectively resistant to sulfuration and climate, better compatible with soft PVC products. It can obviously improve the processing property and make colored products much brighter by cooperating with epoxidized soybean oil and organic phosphite, better with organotin. 

Application: It can be widely used in PVC environmental profile, PVC drinking water pipe, PVC Wire and Cable, children's toys, interior decoration materials, and other PVC products which are closely related to human being. 

Package and storage: 
Packed in plastic weaved bag, lined with a PE bag, 25kg in weight. It can be stored in a cool and dry place with good ventilation. It is good in quality in 12 month.