Ca/Zn Heat Stabilizer

Basic Info

Ca/Zn Heat Stabilizer

Scope of Application: 
Non-poison series Ca/Zn Composite Stabilizer is mainly used in feed water pipe and small sized profile. 

Functions & Features: 
Ca/Zn organic acid as main composition, reasonably plus many kinds of imported efficient adjunctive stabilizer and inside and outside lubricant, the product is composed with advanced synthesis technology and compound technology. There is absolutely no lead, cadmium or barium or other heavy metal, its really ecological stabilizer. 

The product is characterized with good thermal stability and initial color stability, suitable processing effect and wide processing scope, it can be used in many kinds of equipments and processing technology, helping the pipe elevating better physical features, comprehensive functions and comparing with imported products, better cost performance. 

Recommended adding quantity: 
Upon different request of products and pipe diameter, 2.5-3.5phr is recommended.  

Reference Usage: 
Put this product, resin and other additives into high speed compounding machine till the temperature reach 110-115, cool the liquid to 40-45 for discharge, extrude it after aging. 

Kraft paper sack lined with film bags PE. 25kg/sack net. 

Store in dry place, prevent form sulfide. 
Visual appearance: White powder. 
Metal oxidizing agent quantity: 5-10%.