Ca Zn Non-Toxic Complex PVC Heat Stabilizer for VDE Wires and Cables (CZX-6085C)

Product Detail

Recommended Dosage5~10 phr
Application ScopeVDE Wires and cables
AppearanceWhite or yellowish powder or granules
Loss on Heating (%)≤2.5
Initial Melting Point (ºC)≥60
CharacteristicsA) Can entirely replace lead series and organic tin stabilizers. Satisfies non-toxic environmental sanitation requirements ,compliance with RoHS,REACH,PAHs,16P and other environmental standards.
B) Suitable for heavy/light calcium formula.
C) High heat stability, congo red time can be as long as 180min.
D) High resistance.
E) Has good synergy in working with epoxidized soybean oil.
SecurityCompliance with EU RoHS & REACH and other standards.
  Transport and StorageKeep away from sunlight and moisture.
NoticeThe technical information of this specification was obtained through tests and actual using process. However, the specific dosage when using should be in accordance with the formula, equipments and process, etc.

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