Ca/ Zn PVC Compound Stabilizer

Basic Info

Package:Plastic Woven Bag, Lined with PE BagSpecification:SGS


Product Name: 
Ca/ Zn PVC compound stabilizer

Calcium zinc stabilizer mainly based on calcium zinc organic acid salt, reasonably collocating various imported high-efficiency auxiliary stabilizers and internal and external lubricants. 

Physical Properties: 
Appearance: White powder 
Heating Loss: Max. 1.8% 
Metal Oxide Content: 15%-45% 
Good heat stability and initial staining property. 
Excellent processability and wide working range. 
Non-toxic, completely meet EU RoHS Directive, fully following SGS standard. 
Achieve same level of lead salt stabilizer, and have better weather resistance. 
Cost-effective, make PVC resin with good physical property and combination property. 
Packed in Kraft paper bag or plastic woven bag, lined with PE bag, 25kg net weight per bag / According to customer's requirement. 
This PVC stabilizer follow EU RoHS, SGS certification is available.