Ca/Zn PVC Stabilizer

Product Specifications

Product Name Transparent pro-environment stabilizers

Product Aspect white or yellowish powder

Product Model RT-600A

Product Features

1、 The pro-environment stabilizers own the excellent heat resistance and the thermal stability, and its dosage is less.

2、 The pro-environment stabilizers own high transparency, and making the product not produce the mist.

3、 The pro-environment stabilizers are odorless, and its hydrolysis resistance is very good.

4、 The pro-environment stabilizers own excellent early coloring and long-term weathering resistance.

5、 The pro-environment stabilizers own excellent dynamic processing and be used for wide range.


Product Usage

The pro-environment stabilizers are used for pro-environment transparent PVC granules, film, plastic toys, medical PVC products.

Versatile formula





Epoxidized soybean oil

Application process


25PHR above




Extrusion, Injection

Note: 1. According to the processing machine and formulations, and you should change the lubricant system reasonably, and please use the lubricant with a good transparency. In order to make your products have better quality, please pay attention to the choice of lubricant while using our products. If you need, please contact us.



According to the third party international speciation, the product conforms RoHS, PAHs(18 items), Phthalates(21 kinds), PFOS/PFOA, NPBPAREACH-SVHC.


Product Storing

Advice to put the product in dry and draft chamber. Please using up When open the packing.


Product Packaging25kg / Package ( PE intima bag )