Ca/Zn PVC Stabilizer for Wire&Cable

Basic Info

Model NO.:JCZ-6503BEfficacy:PVC Profile
Classification:Chemical AdditivesType:Heat Stabilizer
Package:Paper-Plastic, 25kg/BagSpecification:SGS
HS Code:38123090Production Capacity:10000tons/Year

Ca/Zn Nontoxic Environmental PVC Stabilizer
I. Product model: JCZ-6503B

White and light color heat stabilizer for PVC products
II. Main Component: Organic Ca and Zn compounds
III. Physical Characteristic:
Appearance: White powder
Meltdown Range: 70-150 degrees
IV. Properties: Avirulent insipidity stabilizer, no harmful heavy metals, Good initial coloring and long-term heat stability, suitable for white and light color products, without discoloration.
V. Usage: Suitable for soft and semi-hard polyvinyl chloride materials and environmental PVC products, such as wire&cable, calendaring film, artificial leather. JCZ-6503B had been tested by SGS. Products can be used for wire&cable of UL-80, UL-90, UL-105.
VI. Application method: The stabilizer dosage is suggested to be used 5-6 share for white products and 4-6 share for light color products. Coarse whiting is suggested to mix with PCC in the formula, according the dosage and variety of calcium carbonate to appropriately adjust the lubricant dosage. Can't be used for dark color products.
PVC plasticizer ESBO Stabilizer Ca CO
100 Right amount 4-6 4-6 30-50
Internal lubricants Externallubricants pigment
0.2-0.5 0.4-0.6 Right amount
VII. Package: 25kg/bag