Characteristics and market prospect of epoxy soybean oil

With the development of the coating industry to save resources, energy and reduce pollution, the application of epoxy soybean oil in the coatings field is increasing. The research of epoxy soybean oil used in domestic coatings mainly concentrates on ultraviolet (UV) Free radical curing epoxy oil acrylic ester system, some foreign studies also involve cation curing system, besides, epoxy soybean oil is also used in other coating systems. The transformation of epoxy soybean oil into compounds and its application in many fields has achieved remarkable results.

The viscosity of epoxy soybean oil is low and the molecular chain flexibility is good, and it can be used as modifier in some common paint system, which could effectively improve the performance of the original system and reduce the production cost. In addition, epoxy soybean oil extracts or the conversion of epoxy soybean oil produced a series of coatings also-showed good usability, the development prospects are very attractive.