Composite heat stabilizer Applications

CH400, CH401, CH402 calcium zinc composite heat stabilizer is an environmentally efficient and versatile liquid calcium zinc composite thermal stabilizer. Excellent thermal stability and transparency, does not produce surface precipitation and the migration phenomenon when used in PVC products, with thermal oil, epoxy ester, epoxy soybean oil and with better results. For PVC slurry processing, widely used in slush molding, plastic, PVC Jin Su and other processes.

The product not only has good compatibility and controllability of viscosity, and can provide a good initial color and color retention. The product has proven to be an excellent thermal stabilizer. Good compatibility, low volatility, migration of small, excellent light resistance, suitable for soft pipe, granulation, rolling film, toys, conveyor belts, advertisement cloth, wallpaper and other PVC products industry.

(1) may be substituted organotin stabilizers and lead salt stabilizer, wire and cable to meet the non-toxic and environmental health requirements; (2) has excellent initial whiteness and thermal stability, resistance to sulfide pollution; (3) has a good lubricating and unique role in coupling gives good filler dispersion, promotion and package resin and improve product performance, reduce mechanical wear and extend equipment life; and (4) of both toughened and promote melting, plastic flow good; (5) can be given a good mix evenly PVC plastics and high-speed melt flow, so that the product surface smooth.