Dibasic Lead Phosphite

Basic Info

Property: It is slight white, sweet and toxic powder with the specific gravity of 6.94. It can dissolve in hydrochloric acid, and nitric acid, but not in water. It will turns to gray & black at 200 degree, it turns to yellow at 450 degree, and it has good deductibility. It is antioxidant; It has the excellent performance of resistance to ultraviolet ray, cold, and ageing.

Application: Mainly used for the heat stabilizer of PVC opaque products because of good insulation, weatherablity and ultraviolet radiation absorbency.

Package: Plastic weaved bag, lined with PE bag and 25kg weight.
Storage: It is toxic inorganic product, so it should be kept in a dry and cool storage house with good ventilation and cannot be stored or transported with food.