Dibasic Lead Phosphite

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Appearance:Powder

  • Product Name:Dibasic Lead Phosphite

  • Heating Loss:0.5% Max

  • Hot Mix Temperature:110-115 C

  • Specification:SGS

  • HS Code:3812309000

Product Description
Dibasic Lead Phosphite
Appearance: White powder
Molecular formula: 2PbO PbHPO3 H2O
1. Specifications:
Dibasic Lead Phosphite, White or light yellow powder. Sweet and toxic; Density is 6.1, the refractive index is 2.25, at about 200 C change to the black, at about 450 C change to yellow. No dissolve in water, Could soluble in hydrochloric acid, nitric acid. Dibasic lead phosphate with weatherability, excellent thermostability, electrical insulating, and anti-oxidation and UV-shielding performance.

2. Technical index
Item Index
Lead PbO content 89.0~91.0%
Phosphorous Acid content 10. ~12.0%
Heating loss max0.4%
Fineness(0.075mesh) max0.4%

3. Useage
Used as heat stabilizer for PVC, PE. Mainly used for opaque rigid products, such as outdoor Wire and cables, building sheet, corrugated sheet, tube etc.

4. Packing storage: 25 kg/bag, normal temperature and drying storage.