Eco-friendly Plasticizer J108

Product Detail

   Product name:EFAME (J108)

  Product Introduction:

  J108 is tested to have the lowest impact on environment,compared with other plasticizers.Through tests from SGS,J108 is concluded to have no DEHP,DIDP,DNOP,DINP,BBP,DBP or multiring hydrocarbon.Following the standard of Europen Union 2005/84/EC,J108 is regarded as the best plasticizer to be exported to European countrues.J108 is well compatible with PVC and PVAC resin,with features of good thermal stability,light stability,mechanical property,processing property,and contamination resistance property.Besides,J108 is able to replace DOP and DBP.


 J108 is a new PVC plasticizer for PVC toys and medical PVC products.It can be widely applied to all PVC products,such as PVC film,wire and cable compounds,plastic gas pipe,rubber bar,heat shrink tube,sheets,textilene,shoe forming material,calendered film,printing film,artificial leather,and etc.With years of experience,J108 has features of high plasticizing efficiency,good compatibility,and is good for and products with softness requirement.J108 is able to replace DOP and DBP according to different formulas.

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