Eco-friendly Plasticizer JD81

Product Detail

Product name:Eco-friendly plasticizer JD81

Product Introduction

This product is eco-friendly plant oil-base plasticizer which purify from plant oil flax oil derivatives,them to saturate the unsaturation bond with respect to influencing compatibility and stability.This light color product is better soluble with pvc than DOP and have high plasticizing efficiency,softness property,thermostability,profitability,process ability,stain resistance property and mechanical property.What's more,it has better cold resistance and weatherability,It can completely replace DOP when applying to soft pvc products.


This product can pass the Reach detection,ROHS and 18P,which is valued to export to EU.Widely used in PVC rolling and extrusion and soft/hard/semi-hard moulding,such as artificial leather,leather flooring,cable and wire,conveyer belt,shoe sole,PVC foam board,sealing,strip,rubber and plastic,rolling film,printing film,foam sheet,foam,tube,textilene and cable granulation.

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