Epoxidized Soybean Oil (ESBO/ESO)

Product Description

ESBO/ESO is widely used as epoxy plasticizer and stabilizer for PVC (polyvinyl chloride). It has good compatibility with the PVC resin at the same time with low volatility, little migration. Excellent thermal stability and light stability, water proof , oil resistance, those features enable your products to have good mechanical strength, high resistance and superior weatherability. Due to its characteristic of no toxicity , it becomes internationally recognized additive for food packaging materials.
ESBO/ESO is applicable to all PVC products. 6 to7 servings in general soft products can significantly improve their thermal and light stability. Using with polyester plasticizers together, can reduce the migration of polyester plasticizers; or if serving with metal thermal stabilizers ,there will be significant synergistic effect.  Employ of this product could lessen the usage of  other plasticizers, stabilizers and lubricants on a certain level.
ESBO/ESO is applicable to manufacturer various products:  medical or other PVC products, food package materials, kinds of resin, epoxidized soybean oil acrylate, copper-clad laminate, polyurethane, toys, film, sheeting, tubing, seal strip of refrigerator , artificial leather, plastic wallpaper, wire and cable materials , daily-used plastic products, special printing ink, liquid composite stabilizers and etc.