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Appearance: Light yellow sticky oily liquid

HS code: 15180000        CAS No.: 8013-07-8

Molecular formula: C57H106O10           Molecular weight: about 1000

Fluid point: -3℃,                       Boiling point: 150℃ (0.5Kpa),

Viscosity: 325mpa.s,                    Refractive Index: 1.472 (25

Solubility in water :< 0.01% (25℃)    Solubility of water: 0.55% (25℃)

It is soluble in hydrocarbon compounds, ketones, esters, higher grade alcohols and other organic solvents, slightly soluble in ethanol as well.

It is the most widely used PVC nontoxic plasticizer and stabilizer. It is particularly consistent with PVC and has low volatility and mobility. Its high thermal stability, light stability and good resistance to water and oil endow the products with better mechanical strength, weather resisting property and electrical property. Its non-toxicity makes it the internationally acknowledged chemical aid for foodstuff wrapper. It can be applied to all PVC products, such as, foodstuff wrapper, medical ware, pellicle, sheet material, tubular goods, sealing plate of icebox, artificial leather, floor leather, wire and cable material, plastic wallpaper and other daily use plastic products. It can also be applied to making special printing ink, oil paint, coating material, synthetic rubber, and liquid compound stabilizer and so on.

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