Epoxidized Soybean Oil (ESBO)

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Appearance:Liquid

  • Epoxy Value:6.6min

  • Iodine Value(12g/100g):5max

  • Flash Point(Open Cup)°c:280min

  • Color(PT-Co):150max

  • Heat Loss (125°cx2h) (%):0.20max

  • Acid Value (Mgkoh/G):0.5max

  • Refractive Index 25 °c:1.4710-1.4750

  • Moisture Content (%):0.2Max

  • Thermal Stability (177°cx3h:95 Min

  • Usage:Plastic Auxiliary Agents

  • Specification:SGS

  • Origin:China(Mainland)

  • HS Code:1518000000

Product Description
Product Feature

Good compatibility with PVC resin, with high epoxy value and low acid value. 

1. Made from soybean oil and is the most widely-used epoxided plasticizer and stabilizing agent of PVC.

2. It won't affect the products' color.

3. Good chemical stability, with low volatility and little mobility. 

4. Could improve mechanical strenth, resistance to elements and electrical property. 

5. Innoxious, it won't react in heart or light

6. Could reduce the addition amount of other plasticizers, stabilizers and lubricants. 

2. Properties: 

At normal temperature, the product is light yellow thick oily liquid. It will be solidified when temperature is under 5° C, solubility of water in this product: 0.55% (25° C), soluble in hydrocarbon, ketone, esters, higher alcohols, slightly soluble in ethanol. 

3. Application: 

It can be widely used in PVC products, specially in PVC compounds, cables production, shoes material, PVC floor, artificial leather etc.
  Epoxy Value  
Iodine Value

  Acid Value (mgKOH/g)  Flash point

(20° C)

Refractive Index

(20° C)
Thermal Stability

(177° C/3h)
Heat Loss (125° C/2h) Color      (Pt-Co) 
  ≥ 6.6  ≤ 5  ≤ 0.5  ≥ 280  0.988-0.998  1.471-1.475≥ 95%   ≤ 0.2%  ≤ 150