Epoxy Fatty Acids Methyl Ester (EFAME) Partical Substitute DOP/DBP

Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Material:Polyvinyl Chloride/PVC

  • Usage:General Plastics

  • Color:Light Yellow

Product Description

Product features:

Light yellow transparent liquid, non-toxic, environment-protection, can pass SGS 16P test, meet EU RoHS environment protection instruction and America FDA food additive rules. Can effectively replace DOP or DBP 20-40%, price only 70% of DOP, it has good compatibility with PVC resin, low volatility, has good light and heat stability, can be applied to all PVC soft products.

Product usage:
Can be applied to all PVC soft products such as film, artificial leather, slippers and sandals, plastic toy, waterpipe, cable wire, record material, medical machine, floor material, fire hose, droping-plastic products, plastic gloves, plastic sealing strip, five-metal drop plastic products and so on, also can be used as cellulose resin and synthesis rubber non-toxic plasticizer and softener. And also can be as surface active agent and dispersing agent applied to producing Epoxy coating material and epoxy resin.

Our advantage: Product, price, service are pretty competitive.

We can send free sample for your test when you are interested in our price.

Our product as new type environment protective plasticizer price are lower than DOP, so can effectively cut down your production cost, make you obtain more profit and win more market.

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