Epoxy soybean oil-a unique plasticizer for performance

The addition of plasticizer (epoxy soybean oil) into polyvinyl chloride can make processing easier and have a wonderful effect on the processing properties of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). A variety of plasticizer performance costs are not the same, people are currently seeing a variety of PVC products, most of the different varieties of plasticizers and the use of each other, and PVC with different proportions of the mix. In the family of plasticizers, epoxy plasticizer has a unique performance, namely: it not only has a good plasticizing effect on PVC, but also can quickly absorb heat and light degradation of hydrogen chloride, thus blocking the continuous decomposition of PVC. The active chlorine atom on the PVC chain is stabilized and acts as a stabilizing agent. Epoxy plasticizer such as and metal salt stabilizer and have synergistic effect, its stable effect is better, this is the epoxy plasticizer in the plastics industry has been widely used in the main reason.

Epoxy soybean oil, epoxy fatty acid methyl ester is a kind of the most commonly used epoxy plasticizer, this product is used for waterproof membrane, wire and cable, medical infusion equipment, PVC leather surface film, plastic film, packaging film, salt membrane, plastic film, plastic steel profiles, artificial leather and other plastics products. Plasticizing effect is good, stable and strong, non-toxic, tasteless, color light transparent, they are particularly suitable for the following purposes:

1, used as heat, weather and durability of high PVC products, auxiliary plasticizer, such as roofing waterproofing membrane, wire and cable materials.

2, used as food packaging materials used non-toxic PVC products plasticizer, such as non-toxic beverage bottles, refrigerator seals, medical infusion tubes, syringes and so on.

3, as a transparent PVC products stabilizer, such as transparent PVC calendering film, PVC leather surface film, plastic film, packaging film.

4. Use with polyester plasticizer to improve the compatibility between polyester and PVC.

5, in the formulation of a variety of PVC products used as stabilizer and metal salt stabilizer and to play a synergistic effect, strengthen the stabilizing effect.