Epoxy soybean oil many items of booster

Epoxy soybean oil is the main raw material of edible soy and hydrogen peroxide, which is refined by advanced production technology and formula. In line with the U.S. FDA standards, the product has a tasteless, non-toxic, light color and high transparency characteristics, with a wide range of uses.

Epoxy Soybean Oil Performance index: In the production process of PVC products by adding epoxy soybean oil, not only to PVC has a good plasticizing effect, but also can quickly absorb heat and light degradation of hydrogen chloride, thus blocking the continuous decomposition of PVC. The active chlorine atom on the PVC chain is stabilized and acts as a stabilizing agent. Epoxy soybean oil and polyester plasticizer can reduce the migration of polyester plasticizer. and metal heat stabilizer with a significant synergistic effect, can maximize the stability effect, then the amount of metal soap can be reduced to the original use of the total amount of one-third. Because this product and PVC compatibility with DOP equivalent, and its plasticizing efficiency is better than DOP, the use of this product can reduce the amount of total plasticizer. This not only lowers the cost, but also improves the product's technical specifications, such as enhancing the impact strength of the product, transparency, printing, weldability and so on.

Epoxy soybean oil can be used in all polyvinyl chloride products, especially suitable for all kinds of food plastic packaging materials, medical soft plastic products, film, sheet material pipes, toys, refrigerator seals, imitation leather, plastic wallpaper, wire and cable materials, slippers sandals and other products, but also for special inks, paints, coatings, synthetic rubber and liquid composite. In general soft products use this product 5~10, can obviously improve its heat and light stability. Under special circumstances, the addition of 10~30 is almost without other stabilizers under the condition of non open air use. The use of this product can be appropriate to reduce the amount of other plasticizers, stabilizers and lubricants.