Epoxy Fatty Acid Methyl Ester (EFAME)

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Model NO.:EFAME

  • Color Shade(pt-co):Max 80

  • Epoxy value(%)ASTMD1652-04:5.0

  • Iodine value(%):Max 6.0

  • Acid value:Max 0.5

  • Flash Point:Min 175

Brief Introduction:

  Efame is made from plant oil.It passes the 6P and ROHS test from SGS.It is a new kind of plasticizer applicable to PVC and PVAC.Plasticizing rate of EFAME is better than that of DOP.Great intermiscibility makes EFAME a good substitute for DOP,DBP.

  Years of practical experience shows that our J101 and J108 could increase end product'flexibility,low-temperature performance,cold resistance and could make the color of product more vivid.


 EFAME can be applied to various kinds of plastic film,wire and cable coating granule,plastic gas pipe,rubber bar,heat shrink tube,textilene,plastic toy,pvc medical products and so on.

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