Epoxy Fatty Acids Methyl Ester J108

Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Model NO.:EFAME J108

  • Type:Plasticizer

  • Appearance:Liquid

  • Color:Light Yellow

  • Epoxy Value(%,Astme-1652-04):4.6

  • Density(20c,g/cm3):0.915-0.938

  • Iodine Value(%):6.0

  • Acid Value(Mg KOH/G):<=0.5

  • Moisture Content(%):<=0.5

  • Flash Point(C):>=170

  • Color Shade(PT-Co):<=80

  • Specification:ROHS SGS

Product Description

J108 Plasticizer, light yellow oil liquid under normal temperature, It can efficiently substitute DOP and DBP in production of PVC products and contributes 20~30 portion quantity of the plasticizers in total. It is well consistent with PVC resin, stable to light and heat and volatilizes little. It can be applied to all PVC products, especially in PVC sheet and artificial leather products. It is widely used in the cable wire, PVC tube, PVC sole and gland strip.