Green Plasticizer DOP Substitutes

Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Material:Polyvinyl Chloride/PVC

  • Usage:General Plastics

  • Color:White

  • DOP Substitutes:Free Phthalates Plasticizer Efame

  • Colorless:Odorless

  • Ester:99%

  • Flash Point:180 195

  • Price:Lower Much Than DOP

  • Specification:ISO, SGS,

  • Origin:China

  • HS Code:2917320000

Product Description
New plasticizer Polyol benzoate
Short Name: DEDB (It can replace the dioctyl phthalate and dibutyl ester)
Molecular formula: C18H18O5 Molecular weight: 314
Structural formula: -COOCH2-CH2-O-CH-CH2OOC-

Packing: Metal pail Packing, Net wt.: 200KG/drum(water is forbidden).
Properties and features: It can replace the dioctyl phthalate and dibutyl ester. Its features include light color, good plasticized capacity, good compatibility, low release, good heat stability, good resistance to freeze, extraction, UV ray, oxidization and volatilization and good electrical performance. It is the cheapest new plasticizer in China, can reduce over 30% of cost.
Uses: PVC granule, non-filling rolling film, artificial leather, cable, board material, flaky material, pipe material, rubber bar, foam material, film, paint, rubber, organic glass, ink, plastisol and vinyl-acetate adhesive.
Technical index:   
Items First grade Second grade 
Appearance white odorless transparent liquid 
Chroma(APHA)≤  20 60
Ester%≤  99.5 90
Acidity ( as benzene dicarbonic acid )% ≤  0.01 0.06
Flash point(open)≤  195 160
Loss on heat (125oC, 2 hours)%≤  0.3 0.5
Chroma after heat treatment  80 160