Introduction of solid calcium zinc stabilizer

Ca-Zn stabilizer Appearance main white powder, flake, paste. Powdered calcium zinc stabilizers are used as the most widely used non-toxic PVC stabilizer, commonly used in food packaging, medical equipment, wire and cable and other materials. At present, there have been PVC calcium zinc stabilizer can be used for rigid tubing.

Thermal stability of powdered calcium zinc stabilizer is not as lead salt itself has some lubrication, poor transparency, and easy-blooming characteristics. In order to improve the stability and transparency, it is often added a hindered phenol, a polyhydric alcohol, phosphite antioxidant and the like to improve β- diketone.

Two Systems calcium zinc stabilizer system is mainly divided into hydrotalcite and zeolite system.

Price powdered calcium zinc stabilizer uneven, there is no specification of national standards to regulate.