Methyl Tin Mercaptide Heat Stabilizer

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Model NO.:JT-980

  • Origin:China

Product Description
The appearance:
Colorless transparent oil form liquid
Color (PT-Co#): 30# (PT-Co) MAX
Density (20 DC) (g/cm3): 1.08-1.09
Tin content( PCT ): 16.0 MIN

Methyl Tin Mercaptide is recognized as highly effective stabilizer for poly vinyl chloride in heat treatment; It has better performance properties of stability, clarity, weatherability than other organotins; It has been used extensively in rigid PVC processing of calendaring, extruding, pouring and blowing. Due to its high performance, Methyl Tin heat stabilizer has replace the high-toxic PVC heat stabilizer, therefore, it has become the key auxiliary of rigid PVC.

Features of Product:
1. High heat stabilization and strongest early coloring power.
2. Little dosage, about 15-20 PCT less than Butyl Tin and Octyl Tin.
3. It is suitable for variety processes of rigid PVC, such as calendaring, extruding, pouring and blowing.
4. The PVC, which uses our product, has excellent transparently, pure color, little smell and easy to disappear, little extraction by water and alcohol.

1. PVC rolling transparent hard flake, porcelain white flake, transparent film.
2. PVC granule materials.
3. PVC water tube material & pipe, profile shapes.
4. PVC thermal shrinkage packing membrane, printing membrane.

Iron drum , 200kg net each.