New products calcium zinc stabilizer currently available

One yuan fatty acid calcium zinc heat stabilizer

A British company has developed for soft PVC composite metal soap heat stabilizers, mainly used in suspension and paste resin and filled with transparent soft PVC. Such new liquid composite metal soap heat stabilizers have excellent dynamic and static thermal stability, high transparency, volatility is very small, it does not contain nonylphenol, other small phenolic compound content, have excellent workability.

PVC domestic professional experts choose one way with the preparation of rare earth calcium / zinc heat stabilizers, heat stabilizers is after the rare earth calcium / zinc compound modifier appearance after appearance of treatment, and PVC with antioxidants, allocation response organotin compounds, organic phosphite compounds and C8 ~ C2 of calcium, zinc, magnesium, aluminum metal soaps, ultraviolet absorbers, isocyanurate, polyhydroxy ester compound, a polyvinyl chloride with the lubricant and other useful substances made with polyvinyl chloride during the preparation, regardless of the, non-toxic and completely environmentally friendly and efficient, and other characteristics; preparation technical process simple and environmentally friendly, low cost, long-device processing cycle and other features.