New Tpye Enviroment-friendly Plasticizer JLD-846


JLD-846 is a new tpye of plasticizer and exacted from vegetable oil by modification. JLD-846 can fully replace epoxy fatty acid methyl ester. In comparison with epoxy fatty acid methyl ester, the adventage of JLD-846 is as below:

1, Better in intermiscibility and plasticizing efficiency. It overcomes the shortcoming of Epoxy fatty acid methyl ester, like bad intermiscibility, exudation in the surface, frosting etc. JLD-846 can substitud 30%~50% of main plasticizer(DOP), which effectively reduce the cost of PVC products.

2, High flash point, less odour and low heat loss. The flash point of epoxy fatty acid methyl ester is around 160?~180?, and have bad smell during the production. While flash point of JLD-846 can reash to 190? without affacting PVC product’s function. By using JLD-846, it can help PVC manufacturer to improve their production enviroment, decrease the loss and cost saving.

3, JLD-846 is a green and degradable product, without any toxic, which can pass SGS Test.






Light yellow transparent oil liquid without any visible impurities

Acid Value mg KOH/g Max


Flash Point (open cup) ? Min


Heating Loss 125?/ 2h Max


        Density 20?, g/cm3


Solid Point ? Max


Usage: JLD-846 can be widely used in PVC calendered, flexible and semi rigid PVC molding. For example, artificial leather, flooring leather, electric wire, PVC foan board, rubber products, flocking glue and toys etc.

Package: 200kg iron drum or as request.