New Type Enviroment-friendly Chlorinated Plasticizer JLD-800


JLD-800 is a new tpye of chlorinated plasticizer and exacted from vegetable oil by modification. JLD-800can fully replace chlorinated paraffin. 

In comparison with chlorinated paraffin, the adventage of JLD-800 is as below:

1, Better in intermiscibility and plasticizing efficiency. It overcomes the shortcomings of chlorinated paraffin, like bad intermiscibility, lack of flexibility etc. JLD-800 can substitud 40%~60% of main plasticizer(DOP), which effectively reduce the cost of PVC products.

2, JLD-800 measure up to EU’s import condition and can pass SGS Test, because it doesn’t contain short chain of chlorinated paraffin(C10~C13 chlorinated paraffin).

3, better cryogenic property than chlorinated paraffin.

4, execlled in flame retardance and electrical insulating property.


Specification:  Q/JAAO02010-800




Light yellow transparent oil liquid without any visible impurities

Acid Value mg KOH/g Max


      Flash Point (open cup) ? Min


Heating Loss 125?/ 2h Max


              Density 20?, g/cm3


Solid Point ? Max



Usage: JLD-800 can be a substitute for chlorinated paraffin and be used in all kinds of PVC products.

      1) JLD-800 improves PVC products’s luster and tensile strength.

      2) JLD-800 can be addictives of ageing resistance and pigment PVC products.

      3) JLD-800 can be widely used in PVC resin, chlorinated rubber. For example, Pigment, cementing compound and ink etc.


Package: 200kg iron drum or as request.