New Type PVC Eco-Friendly Plasticizer J288


J288 has been proved that it has the minimum influence to our environment during its useful life. Besides, J288 doesn’t contain phthalate, including 6P (DEHP, DIDP, DNOP, DINP, BBP, DBP), reported by SGS. The quality of J288 is complying with EU Standard 2005/84/EC for plasticizer, which is the best choice for EU countries to import.



J288 Plasticizer, a new type of plasticizer for PVC toys and chemical Products, can reply DOP, DBP and ensure the same quality upon different PVC products. it is widely used in plastic products, like plastic film, wire, cable, gas pipe, rubber sealing strip, tubular product, footwear, artificial leather part. Also it has been found that The J288 has features of efficient, good impermissibility, high safety factor and flexible.


Quality Standard:Q/JAAO2008-018


Standard   Item

Grade One

Color  Shade, (Pt- Co ) max


Ester content(%)min


Acidity , mg KOH/g  max


Flashing Point °C  min


Density   ( 20°C) g /cm3


Moisture  % max



Package:200kgs net,in iron drum or as request.