Organotin Heat Stabilizer (For PVC Shrink Film))

Organotin Heat Stabilizer (For PVC Shrink Film)
Appearance: Clean and oiled transparent fluid
Chroma(PT-Co): Max: 100
Viscosity(25 Degree Celsius): 0.020-0.080 PA. S
Specific Gravity(20 Degree Celsius) 1.10-1.15
Sulfur Content: 11.5-12.5%
Tin Content: Min: 19.0%

Characteristics and Uses:
Organotin Heat Stabilizer is special used in shrink film, organotin Heat Stabilizer has good lubricity, excellent thermal stability and post-processing stability. Organotin Heat Stabilizer has good transparent, and good compatibility with the resin product, slight smell, small additive.

Storing and Packing
200kg Drum and also could do as customers' requirement.
1. Stored in ventilated, cool and dry place and avoid direct sunlight.
2. During transport, keep sealed, cover upward, reduce the contact with the air.
3. Don't contact with pipeline or container which made of cooper or iron.
4. Operators should wear protective equipment, and washing timely after contacting with human skin.