Pentaerythritol Tri Stearate

Product Detail

Pentaerythritol Tri Stearate can be used not only as assisting heat stabilizer and lubricant in plastics industry directly, e. G. PA6, PA66, PC/ABS., but also as the undispensable component without blooming for compounding many heat stabilizers, such as Ca/Zn, rare earth, organic-tin heat stabilizers. Especially, it is suitable for compounding of calcium-zinc stabilizers which will be applicable in PC, hard PVC and other polymers fields.
Acid number(mgKOH/g) 5
Iodine number (gI2100g) 2
Hydroxyl number(mgKOH/g) 55-65
Saponification number(mgKOH/g) 185-195
Melting point() 5060