Plasticizer Ecod-Flex 50

Basic Info

Efficacy:Increase Viscosity
Classification:Chemical AdditivesType:Plasticier
Trademark:ECOD-FLEXSpecification:99.0% min.

HS Code:29163100

ECOD-FLEX 50 is a most widely used Benzoic ester plasticizers in adhesives. Its main component is DIPROPYLENE GLYCOL DIBENZOATE(CAS No.: 27138-31-4) and DIETHYLENE GLYCOL DIBENZOATE(CAS No.: 120-55-8). As a replacement for phthalate plasticizers recommended by the European Chemical Agency(ECHA), it has been used for many years in a wide variety of applications, including adhesives, caulks, hot melt adhesives, PS sealants, PVC resilient flooring, paints, etc...

Appearance: Transparent oily liquid, free of particulate impurities.
Assay(Benzoic esters): 99.0% min.
Acidity(calculated as Benzoic Acid): 0.1% max.
Color(APHA): 80 max.
Moisture: 0.1% max.
Hydroxyl No.: 13 max.

Typical Properties
Molecular Weight(typical) 327
Boiling Point(5mmHg) 235
Freezing Point 0
Pour Point -20
Flash Point(TCC) > 149
Refractive Index(25) 1.536
Specific Gravity(25) 1.14-1.15
Viscosity(Brookfield, 25) 80 cps
VOC Content < 3%
Odor Mild ester-like

Outstanding Advantages
1. Environmentally friendly plasticizers recommended by the European Chemical Agency(ECHA) in May 2009. Does not contain any phthalates and can be used as primary plasticizers. Data from more than 30 years applications and tests show Dibenzoate esters are low in toxicity, non-mutagenic, non-carcinogenic and easy to degrade.
2. High solvating and lower fusing point which means faster processing speed. Very good foaming effect in PVC foaming process.
3. Very good plasticizing efficiency. More fillers can be added. In some formulations there is an apparent decrease of plasticizer volumn.
4. Compatible with compounds like PVC, EVA, etc...Very good plasticizing effect in EVA adhesives, water-borne adhesives, acrylics caulks, etc...
5. PVC products containing ECOD-FLEX 50 exhibit excellent stain and extraction resistance to aliphatic solvents.

Package: 225kg iron drums.

Product Description