Plasticizer for PVC Faux leather

There are two main types of man-made leather: polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyurethane (PU). The first is made by adding plasticizers and dye to PVC, which make it more flexible and give it a natural color. The second is made by coating a fabric like cotton or polyester with a flexiblepolymer and then treating it to look more like animal hide.

Both types are used in making clothing, upholstery, and product covers, but each is better for certain applications than others. Since PVC leather isn't as breathable as PU leather, it's less commonly used for clothing or for surfaces that come into direct contact with skin. Not being breathable is good for other things though, like bound books or cases for electronic devices. Also, PU fabric is softer, more flexible, and stronger, so it's more commonly used for making high-wear products, like luggage.

And today we would like to talk about the plasticizer used in PVC leather.

Primary plasticzer:DOTP,JD81(Alternative)

Other plasticiczer:ESBO,EFAME,JLD800,DOA

According to different formule,You can choose different plasticizer to use,and we are the manufacturer who produce eco-friendly plasticizer in China.


          Faux leather may be used to make handbags                  Faux leather may be used to make furniture.

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