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  PVC is an amorphous, brittle thermoplastic that is easily mixed with various additives to obtain a broad variety of material properties. Its wide range of physical, chemical, and mechanical properties, its durability, and its cost effectiveness make PVC useful in applications ranging from packaging to health-care devices, toys, building materials, electrical wire insulation, cloths or furnishing, Figure 1.

  A plasticizer is a substance incorporated into a material to increase the flexibility, workability and distensibility by breaking intermolecular forces within the material. Preferable plasticizer properties are good miscibility, i.e. strong intermolecular forces between the plasticizer and the polymer resin, low cost per volume, low volatility and diffusivity, and low specific gravity. A well-plasticized product should be flexible at low temperatures, and should have a high tensile elongation but low tensile strength, a low glass transition temperature, and a low elastic modulus2 .

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