Plasticizer Trioctyl Trimellitate

Basic Info

Trioctyl Trimellitate (TOTM)


1.Technical Index                                                                               

AppearanceColorless Transparent liquid
Density(20 C)g/cm30.988-0.991
Acid value(KOHmg/g)0.02
Water content(wt),%0.1
Flash Point, C240
Chroma platinum-cobalt number80
Volume resistivity *1011 m      5

2.Producation Application
Trioctyl Trimellitate(TOTM) is a fire-proof and lasting primary plasticizer, with the good points of polyester plasticizer and monomer plasticizer,suitable for PVC, cellulose nitrate,ethylcellulose and poly (methyl methacrylate) etc,it's electrical property is pretty good and mainly used in the fire-proof electrical wires and cables of 105 C level and other fire-proof and lasting panels,sheet materials,seating gaskets and so on.

3.Package:Iron drum, net wt 200kg.
          IBC drum, net wt 200kg.
          Flexitank: with 22mt.

4.Storage: Store in a cool, ventilated, dry place, as a general chemical transport.