Plasticizer (V-276)

Basic Info

Model NO.:V-276Synthetic Resin:Polyurethane Resin
Natural Resin:Copal ResinCharacteristic:Thermoplastic Resin
Molecular Principal Chain:Carbon Chain Polymer

HS Code:390390

This product is low molecular weight alpha methyl styrene copolymers plasticizer. The volume resistance is up to 1× 1014 value which surpasses many electrical insulation grade plasticizers, like DOP, DOTP etc. It has a excellent light & heat stability and UV resistance, which can resist longterm exposure. This product can improve the appearance of PVC products, make the products surface finish, bright in colour and good transparency. It has a perfect stability to pasty resin, and is smooth feel. V-276 is a kind of high quality secondary plasticizer with low price, which can replace American 276-V series plasticizer.

Colour(iodine colorimetry) >10 >20 >40
Refraction(N20D) >1.5720 >1.5700 >1.5680
Flash point ≥ 150 ≥ 140 ≥ 130
Acid value(KOHmg/g) ≤ 0.2 ≤ 0.5 ≤ 1.0
Heating loss ≤ 1.0

This product is a secondaryplasticizer of PVC. The dosage is at 5-10 phr. It is widely applied to melamine plastics and suspension polyester of polystyrene etc, and especially to plastic coated products.

Packing, storage and transportation
1. Packed in 200 KG iron durm.
2. Please store in cool and dry place with ventilation. The effective storage time is 2 years.
3. This product is non-dangerous goods.

Product Description