Polyurethane Plasticizers

Basic Info

Model NO.:ECOD-FLEX 342SKind:Plasticizer
Specification:99.0% min.
HS Code:29163100

Ecod Specialties(Wuhan) Co., Ltd. is a leading Benzoic ester plasticizers producer in China, focusing on commercial production and custom manufacturing of Benzoic esters and other kinds of esters.
Persisting in the value of "Keep promise and make our customer successful", we have been improving product quality and formulation to offer better solutions for customers. More than 60% of our products have been exported to developed countries and regions like Japan, USA and Europe, etc.

CAS No. 27138-31-4

ECOD-FLEX 342S is a high solvating Dibenzoate plasticizer. Its main component is DIPROPYLENE GLYCOL DIBENZOATE. Due to excellent compatibility and efficiency, it has been widely used as an environmentally friendly plasticizer for many years in 2K polyurethane systems where it can contribute improved tear strength, better rebound and reduce swell with certain solvents.

Appearance: Transparent oily liquid, free of particulate impurities.
Assay(Benzoic esters): 98.0% min.
Acidity(calculated as Benzoic Acid): 0.1% max.
Color(APHA): 100 max.
Moisture: 0.07% max.
Hydroxyl No.: 6 max.

Typical Properties
In water: < 0.01%
Water in: < 0.25%
Molecular Weight 342
Boiling Point(5mmHg) 230
Freezing Point -30
Pour Point -19
Flash Point(TCC) > 150
Refractive Index(25) 1.5285
Specific Gravity(25) 1.12-1.13
Viscosity(Brookfield, 25) 120 cps
VOC Content: < 3%
Odor Mild ester-like

Outstanding Advantages
1. Environmentally friendly plasticizers recommended by the European Chemical Agency(ECHA) in May 2009. Does not contain any phthalates and can be used as primary plasticizers. Data from more than 30 years applications and tests show Dibenzoate esters are low in toxicity, non-mutagenic, non-carcinogenic and easy to degrade.
2. High solvating and excellent compatibility in polyurethane systems. Products containing ECOD-FLEX 342S exhibit excellent stain and extraction resistance.
Soft under low temperature. Impervious to light and heat. Low VOC.
3. Low hydroxyl No. And low moisture. Excellent plasticizing efficiency in PU systems.

Package: 225kg iron drums.