Primary Plasticizer Dioctyl Terephthalate


Scientific name: Bis(2-ethylhexyl)benzene-1,4-dicarboxylate

H.S. CODE:2917369000

Molecular formula: C24H38O4       Molecular weight: 390.55 

DOTP doesn’t contain phthalate, including 16P, reported by SGS. It can replace DOP as a new type of plasticizer, DOTP can replace DOP with a good physical property and machanical property. This product has such properties excellent electric strength, resist heat, low volatility. The manufactuer can safe the cost when they use DOTP substitute for DOP as raw material of PVC products.


    DOTP, a new type of plasticizer for PVC products, can reply DOP, and have better electric strength and resist cold, it is suitable for cable and wire, gland strip for the car, freezer, door and window aslo, DOTP has used in PVC leather, PVC floor, pipe and so on.


1, completely reply DOP, DBP, DHP

2, Shorten the time of kneading

3, Improve processing fluidity

4, Lower the temperature of plasticizing  

5, Solvent with other plasticizer

6, Replied with the same quantity

7, without changing the technique

Standard: Q/JAAO2008-018

Standard  Item

Grade One

Color Shade, (Pt-Co) max


Density ( 20deg.c) g /cm3


Acidity, m g KOH/g max


Ester Content (%) min


Flashing Point, dge.c min


Moisture,  % max


Volume resistivity ohm.c m min


Package: 200kgs net, in iron drum