PVC Heat Stabilizer Ca-Zn (LXH802)

Basic Info

Efficacy:Improvement PVC Stabilizer
Classification:Chemical AdditivesType:Stabilizers
Package:Wooden PalletSpecification:ROHS, EN1122, EPA3050B

HS Code:3812309000Production Capacity:5000 Tons/Year

1. Product Descriptions:
Environment-friendly PVC Ca-Zn Composite Heat Stabilizer is one kind of non-toxic efficient stabilizer, which is made of organic chelating agent, modified hydrotalcite, organic zinc, organic calcium and high efficient lubricant. It is mainly used in soft and hard PVC fields. For example, water supply pipes, appliance profiles, wire and cable, automative sealing and medical products.

2. Type and Usages:
(1)for extruded pipe products;
(2)for highly filled extruded products;
(3)for windows and doors, cabinets profile products, including home appliances;
(4)for wire, cable, soft products;
(5)for sealing strip, door seals soft products.

3. Working Principles:
Because the PVC molecular backbone contains the unstable chlorine atoms, when it is heated to melt, the PVC molecular prones to make the dehydrochlorination autocatalytic degradation reactions, to make products discoloration and deterioration of physical and mechanical properties. The traditional approach is to add heat stabilizer that contains heavy metals (lead, barium, cadmium and so on) single salt or hydroxy acid salt.
However, due to impact on environment and human health, in 2003, the EU implemented R0HSWEEE, REACH and other environment regulations. Since 2007, China has gradually accellerated the pace of lead ban. As a result, our company cooperated with Hubei Industry University to produce a new series of Environment-friendly Ca-Zn Composite Heat Stabilizer.

4. Technological Progress:
(1)Apply the wet modification method to process oil-soluble magnesium carbonate aluminum hydrotalcite and control the grain size of hydrotalcite to 0.5μ M or less.
(2)Mix the organic chelating agent with high metal content of fatty acids calcium, aromatic zinc and modified hydrotalcite. The organic heat stabilizer is better than similar products in the United Kingdom, Singaport or Germany.
(3)Overcome the shortcomings of large amount of calcium and zinc, high cost and limited ranges.
5. Physical Properties:
(1)Appearance: White-slightly yellow powder;
(2)Specific Gravity: 0.8 to 1.13;
(3)Moisture Content: Less than 2.5%;
(4)Melting Range: 80 degree centrigrade~150 degree centrigrade.
(5)Other performances:

6. Characteristics:
(1)It is non-toxic and environment-friendly, no toxic heavy metals.
(2)It can replace the traditional stabilizers, and is more safe and healthy.
(3)Excellent initial coloring properties and good long-term stability.
(4)The function of toughening and promotion of melting.
(5)plasticizing good fluidity.
(6)having a good thermal stability, lubricity and light stability.
(7)resistant to pollution and good dispersibility, good anti analysis to improve the colour vividness and firmness of the products.
(8)For the PVC compound, the stabilizer could supply good uniform plasticizing and high-speed melt flowability, so that the pipe wall is thin, uniform and smooth, to reinforce products compressive blasting performance.

7. The Basic Formulation for PVC Products (only for reference)

8. Package:
Using the kraft paper with plastic liner to pack. It is resistant to moisture and 20Kg/bag.

9. Environmental Protection:
The products have been tested by SGS to meet the R0HS, ENI122, EPA3050B Environmental act demands.
The products have been tested by SGS to meet the R0HS, ENI122, EPA3050B Environmental act demands.

NO. Formulation Pipes(PHR) Profiles(PHR) Wire and Cable Seal
1 PVC 100 100 100
2 LXH Heat Stabilizer 2~5 2.5~5 2.5~6
3 ACR 1.0~1.5 1.0~2.0 1.0~1.5
4 CaCO3 5~15 10~20 20~50
5 CPE   6~8  
6 Colorant Proper Proper Proper
7 DOP     30~80