PVC Ca-Zn Stabilizer for Rigid PVC Profile

Basic Info

Ca/Zn Nontoxic Environmental PVC Stabilizer

I. Application: For rigid PVC profile by high-shear model machine

II. Main Components: organic Ca/Zn compounds

III. Physical Characteristic: 
Appearance: White powder
Meltdown Range: 70 degrees

IV. Properties: Non-toxic stabilizer, no harmful heavy metals, for replacing conventional stabilizer; Environmental friendly and safe. 
Good initial coloring and long-term stability; 
Promote toughening and melting fusion, good rheological behavior, no plate-out; Excellent thermal stability and lubricity, good color retention and weather-resistance, resists to sulfide pollution, improve properties of products under outdoor conditions; Good dispersion, improve color, appearance and strength of product, The unique coupling effect, gives a better filler dispersion, enhance the filler package with resin, enhancing the performance and reduce mechanical wear, extending equipment life; Better toughness and melt rheological behavior. Increase the extrusion rate and product strength, improve welding properties and impact strength

V. Usage: Suitable for environmental PVC products, such as sheet and profiles. It had been tested by SGS and found meeting RoHS standards etc.