PVC Heat Stabilizer

Product Detail

Product Description
With strong heat stability specially for production of small to medium size pipes or rigid compounding using the single screw extruder.

Our product can be widely used in PVC pipe fittings, profiles, wires, cables, toys, food packaging and medical devices. And can also be applied to modified and polymerized materials as halogen absorbent. 

Our products have been approved by SGS in accordance with the EU environmental directives ROHS and fully meet hygiene standards GB/T10002.1-2006 for potable water pipe in China Market. 

Our commiment towards a greener environment is underlined by our innovative ways of manufacturing. We strive to satisfy our customer needs by supplying quality products and services. Through the process of achieving our business objectives across borders. We aimed to be a leading supplier of Ca/Zn stabilizer and services by focusing on multi-regional market needs.